Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Quotel's Direct2Retail (D2R) Concept?

    At Quotel, we believe in giving the power back to consumers by using technology as a medium for transparency. With D2R, we strive to provide the best quality products at factory prices by creating a digital link between quality conscious manufacturers and end-consumers.

  2. I downloaded the price quotations from Quotel. What next?

    Congratulations on saving your time and money. You received the lowest price quotations for multiple brands within minutes. Please use these price proposals as reference source to get the best price while dealing with your current suppliers. Alternately, you may also contact us for the delivery.

  3. How accurate are the prices that i receive from Quotel?

    The prices are pretty accurate. We use our proprietary calculation algorithm to give you the most technically stable product configuration as directed by the industry standards and our experienced in-house team. The prices stand correct for the said configuration all across India.

  4. Do you follow all the technical measures & limitations?

    Yes, we do! All technical parameters such as profile limitations, glass weight and product orientation are considered while configuring the product design. For Example, window specifications are automatically upgraded to higher specifications after crossing a certain techincal threshold.

  5. What hardware systems are considered to calculate the price?

    We use multi-point locking and high performance hardware systems while generating a price quote, primarily from Germany based hardware supplying company. Certain auxiliary components are considered from domestic suppliers.

  6. What if a supplier disagrees on Quotel’s price?

    Prices provided by Quotel are based on the years of manufacturing experience of our production team. All products are earnestly priced, without cutting any corners, in order to create a win-win situation for all. Any supplier across India should be able to supply the products at the prices as advertised by Quotel without a problem.

  7. Can I buy directly from Quotel?

    Yes, you may contact us for supplies and deliveries. However, as a bootstrapped start-up, our reach is currently limited to Delhi NCR only. For regions other than Delhi NCR, we will direct you to our select partners that may cater to your requirements.

  8. What if I get a lower price than Quotel?

    As with any customised product, It is certainly possible to get a lower price but not without cutting corners. Our prices are based for high performance products and include all technical guidelines and manufacturing SOPs. So if you are getting an even lower price, then we suggest you match the specifications or send a copy of the document and we will match the price for you.

  9. Why should we trust a startup?

    Technology beings transparency, and our pricing calculator allows you to get the best price from your suppliers without too much hassle. Everyone deserves a great product at great price, and that’s what we do when we connect you directly with the manufactures. And as an upcoming start-up, we strive to provide the best of service experience to our customers.

  10. Do you offer bulk discounts on your products?

    At Quotel, we believe that a great product at best price irrespective of order size is every customer's right. Since we work on ex-factory costs, our prices are same for single quantity or multiple quantities. However, bulk orders do get have an advantage in terms of logistical and manufacturing costs. So it is possible to get slightly lower price when ordered in bulk. You may contact us separately for bulk orders Pan-India and we will get you the price that’ll be hard to match.