tinted glass

Glass Types

Toughened Glass

Heat treated to provide additional safety. Becomes crystalised & does not form sharp edges upon breakage to prevent injury.

Laminated Glass

Sandwiched between two sheets of glasses, this glass contains a PVB inter-layer that makes it extremely difficult to break.

Insulated Glass

Also known as Double Glaze Unit. Is a set of two glass sheets separated by a spacer & filled with inert gases to provide excellent thermal insultation.

Frosted Glass

Also known as crackeled glass. This glass provides visual privacy & is primarly installed in bathrooms & conference areas.

Reflective Glass

Reflects heat & sunlight. This glass provides complete visual privacy & is commonly used in building facades.

Tinted Glass

Limits the amount of sunlight entering your house by offerring mild tint in an otherwise clear glass. Offers limited visual privacy.

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