200+ Customers   connected with our 'Select Partners' in Top 10 cities so far

Our Offerings

Filtered & Verified Customers

Our backend team connects with potential buyers before handing over the details to you.

Unique Detailing

We confirm buyers requirement on the basis of multiple select questionaire to give you the precise detail.

Limited Partners

No overcrowding or cross-competition as we keep our circle limited. So our select partners can benifit to the maximum.

Dedicated Customer Support

For better handholding, our backend team doubles up as a dedicated customer support both for customers and select partners.

Dedicated 24x7 CRM

Select Partners also get access to our exclusive CRM to managing their online business with Quotel at no cost.

Exhibition / Events Support

Exclusive select partner participation with Quotel team at various event / exhibition for promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I run a successful manufacturing business. Why should i join Quotel?

    We have a non restrictive policy i.e. we do not stop you from doing business with anyone. You may continue to do your business as usual and also enjoy extra stream of customers from Quotel for an ex-factory price & quality commitment. Important to embrace the upcoming technology sooner than later.

  2. I am a trader. Can I join Quotel?

    Unfortunately no. To give the best experience to our customers, we work on ex-factory prices and no middleman policy, it is therefore not possible for us to accommodate requests from trading partners to join our network

  3. Who can become Quotel's manufacturing partner?

    You can if you are a manufacturing company, abide by the set quality standards, and can supply products to customers at ex-factory price. Since the objective is to en-cash on the economy of scale, and therefore in order to provide best opportunities to our partners, we keep our circle small & are selective in adding partners to our network.

    However, as we have just started, there is room for many! Please feel free to contact us via the contact form below and we will get in touch with you.

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