Remote Controlled Mosquito Mesh

 Remote Controlled Mosquito Mesh 

Bring ease to your life and choose remote controlled mosquito mesh system - a highly functional mosquito mesh system that operates with click of a button.

Automatic System

Control all your meshes with one programmable automatic remote - ease of use.

Vertical Movement

No gaps & slide-on mechanism ensures no entry of mosquitoes, bugs, flies & other insects.

Value For Money

Irresistable advantages and ease of operation makes it a value for money product.

Product Video

Design Features

Durable DC Motor

High performance DC motors ensures smooth mesh operation every time.

Anti-Pinch Function

Speed reduction in case of any obstruction in the guided path.

On-Off Function

Remote controlled On, Off & Hold function for ease of operation.

Hold Function

Stops the mesh movement at any position you desire.

Ease Of Use

Control all meshes with the single programmable remote-fob.

100% Area Coverage

Covers entire spectrum from large to small doors-windows.

Stops Mosquito & Dust

Provides excellent sealing against monsquitos & dust.

Excellent visibility

Provides excellent visibility while keeping the mosquito & dust away.

A High Quality Remote Controlled Mosquito Mesh
At An Amazing Price !

Starts From ₹​ 850/-