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  Integrated Glass Blinds  

Automatic & highly functional blindscreen mechanism that operates within a set of two glasses to give you a product that never gets dirty & requires no maintenance.

Automatic System

Control all your meshes with one programmable automatic remote - ease of use.

Vertical Movement

No gaps & slide-on mechanism ensures no entry of mosquitoes, bugs, flies & other insects.

Value For Money

Irresistable advantages and ease of operation makes it a value for money product.

glass blinds
glass blinds

Design Features

Vaccum Blinds

Vaccum blinds that operates between the set of two glasses (Double Glaze Unit).

Excellent Heat insulation

These blindscreen acts as an additional barrier to stop the heat & sunlight entering your home.

No Dust

The entire blindscreen operates between a concealed set of glass (DGU) thereby ensuring 'No Dust'.

Zero Maintenance

This highly functional blindscreen mechanism requires absolutely zero to no maintenance.

Complete Visual Control

The entire blindscreen lifts up completely to give an unintrrupted view of the outside.

Single Touch Operation

Move the entire blindscreen completely or adjust as per your comfort with just a single click of a button.

Covers Larger Areas

Blindscreen can cover a larger area ranging from a smaller window to a larger balcony door.

Dynamic Solar Shading

Adjustable Blindscreen that lets you control the amount of sunlight entering your house.

A High Quality Remote Controlled Glass Blindscreen at an amazing price

₹​ 850/-