Slider - Pleated Mosquito Mesh

 Slider Mosquito Mesh 

An easy to use,  add-on mosquito mesh system that stops mosquitos, bugs, flies & other insects from coming inside.

Horizontal Application

Offers horizontal movement i.e. it moves left to right or right to left across the door-window cavity.

Ideal For Doors

Horizontal movement makes it an ideal option for doors and large windows due to ease of operation.

Stops Mosquito / Insects

No gaps & slide-on mechanism ensures no entry of mosquitoes, bugs, flies & other insects.

Design Features

Maintenance Free

Simple design meshanism makes it almost maintenance and hassle free.

Indianized Design

Matches with all Indian uPVC doors and windows systems.

Eco-friendly & Durable

High quality product that is easy to use and stands the test of time.

Ease Of Use

Control all meshes with the single programmable remote-fob.

Stops Mosquito & Dust

Provides excellent sealing against monsquitos & dust.

Excellent visibility

Provides excellent visibility while keeping the mosquito & dust away.

A High Quality Pleated Mesh at an amazingg price

Starts From ₹​ 350/-